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Inner Spark Program
Mental Health & Wellbeing Initiative

Y Camping is proud to be partnering with ‘The Joy Bomb’ (Ingrid White) to offer a range of mental health and wellbeing workshops specifically designed for young people.

Ingrid is a highly skilled and qualified Master NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Coach, Facilitator and Mentor with over 11 years of practice. Ingrid’s calming energy and empathy allows young people to feel welcome, safe and respected so they can talk openly, express themselves and grow.

The Inner Spark Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide and empower young people with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to build confidence, resilience and self-awareness during the transition years of adolescence.

There are a range of workshop and package options available that can be tailored to suit desired outcomes.

Course options:

  • Empowering Words Exercise
  • The Empowerment Symbol Hypnosis
  • Set Yourself Free Meditation
  • The Confidence Lift Hypnosis
  • Release the Bully Exercise
  • Anxiety Release Exercise
  • Reframing Perspectives: Negative to Positive


To add Inner Spark workshops to your Camp Program please speak to the team at Y Camping. When requesting a quote please tick the ‘Inner Spark Workshop’ option on the ‘Camp Enquiry Form’ so we can quote accordingly. Y Camping will coordinate all activities and confirm availability when an Activity Program is finalised. Y Camping will also put you in contact with Ingrid to develop a tailored program for your students.